Multifunctional business premises for people and nature

Online- Seminar for Facility Managers

Business premises usually play a subordinate role in the daily working process. However, biodiversity-friendly designed business premises can not only bring a significant ecological benefit. At the same time, quality of workplaces for employees can be noticeably improved, costs saved and a contribution made to climate protection and climate change adaptation without impairing the economic function.
Today's customers also expect companies to take responsibility and make their contribution to the protection of nature and local landscape. In addition, the political framework conditions and requirements with regard to the promotion and protection of biodiversity in settlement areas are constantly being strengthened.
By designing biodiversity-oriented business premises these increased expectations can be met. This often does not require much more than a rethinking and a change of habitual courses of action.
This online-seminar will provide insights into the potentials and principles of biodiversity-oriented business premises. Low-threshold measures as well as comprehensive concepts and principles of proper maintenance are explained. It also presents possible measures in different climatic geo-zones in Europe.

David Alvarez Garcia, Ecoacsa Spain
Štefan Jančo, Ekopolis, Slovakia
Marina Hämmerle, architect, Austria
Frieder Weigand, Lake Constance Foundation, Germany

Contact person and registration: Daniela Dietsche,

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Daniela Dietsche
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Thursday, 18.02.21          2:30 - 4:00 p.m.






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