Online seminar: Bird strike on buildings: what can companies do?



Bird diversity is considered one of the indicators of intact habitats, and at the same time several studies suggest that this diversity, including acoustic diversity, has significant positive effects on human well-being, health, and life satisfaction. However, populations of most songbird species in Central Europe are in steep decline. Responsible for this sad development is primarily the loss of habitats and food sources.

Bird strike against glass surfaces is a problem that is repeatedly underestimated - also because only about 20 % of bird collisions are even noticed. Tens to hundreds of thousands of birds collide with glass panes every day throughout Europe and do not survive. And the numbers could continue to rise as more and more is built with glass.

However, there are ways to combine "building with glass and light" and bird protection. The online seminar teaches the basics and shows possibilities for existing buildings as well as for new buildings.

How and why does bird strike occur? What is the situation in different countries? What is effective and what is not? What legal obligations does a company perhaps even have to prevent bird strikes?

We want to provide answers to these questions and more on June 03, 2022!



  • Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler - Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Biology
  • Klemes Steiof - Berlin Senate Department
  • Benedikt-Huggins- Institute for German and European Administrative Law, University of Heidelberg
  • Maria Gonoti & Alexandros Vezyrakis - ANIMA Greece
  • Raül Aymí & Oscar Gordo – Institut Catala d´Ornithologia
  • Andrea Bracko – Zoo Zagreb Croatian
  • Rouven Seidler – SEEN GROUP Switzerland








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