Areál Svatopetrska

Svatopetrská, Czech Republic


The Svatopetrska complex is a commercial area offering space for administration, storage and light industry. The complex is managed by, which is part of an innovative group of companies operating in the field of financing, consulting, receivables and assets management, geoinformatics and intelligent technologies, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Description of measures

The building in the standard of an energy-passive house stands on the site of a former brownfield. The extensive green roof captures and slows down the outflow of rainwater. Excess water is stored in a tank (22 m3) and is used to irrigate greenery in the area.

The paved areas are made of water-permeable concrete or interlocking tiles and there are infiltration tiles in the car park. Rainwater seepage is supported also by terrain depressions with grass around the building. Thanks to the use of water from the well, 400 m3 of water per year is saved, which is about 50% of the water consumption in the area.

In addition to the elements that allow rainwater infiltration, there are also other that contribute to cooling of the microclimate, such as the vegetation roof, climbing plants on the northern facade, the river flowing through the area and the planted greenery.

Positive results of measures

Originally a completely fenced area, it is now completely open to the public. The revitalized Ponávka river provides a pleasant place for relaxation, sitting under trees or informal meetings. A bike-trail passes directly through the complex. Green areas that have been created attract a number of small insects, which subsequently attract various species of birds. The green area near the Ponávka river is a favourite resting place for ducks.

Motivation and goals

Our goal is to achieve the most economical operation of buildings while ensuring the highest possible comfort for our tenants.

Characteristics of the area

The location is located in the originally industrial city district of Brno – South, which is undergoing a dynamic transformation into a diverse city district in close proximity to the city center. The city of Brno itself is surrounded on three sides by wooded hills, in the south it passes into the vast South Moravian lowlands. The city has a relatively diverse natural conditions and a mild climate, which is due to its location between the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and the lowlands of southern Moravia.

Maintenance concept and costs

The Svatopetrska complex employs two maintenance workers who are engaged in regular maintenance of buildings, technical facilities and other outdoor areas, including greenery. Care for greenery consists of regular inspections of the condition of plants and trees depending on the season. Caring for the green roof involves occasional removing of wind-spread plants not suitable for the site, checking and maintaining infiltration vegetation depressions around the buildings as well as vertical greenery.


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