Organisations, initiatives, partners and campaigns related to the project:


Initiatives and campaigns - Austria and Germany nationwide
"Green instead of grey" - North rhine westphalia


Project "Green instead of grey - commercial areas in change"

A joint project within the framework of the research programme "Sustainable Transformation of Urban Spaces", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research The project aims to show and test ways of sustainably developing individual company premises/buildings as well as entire industrial estates in order to incorporate them into integrated municipal concepts. The focus is not only on what is technically possible, but also on how a network can work together transdisciplinarily  .


The project contributes to the natural design on various levels, for example, consulting services are offered to businesses in the partner and transfer communities, which have an effect on increasing biodiversity, urban-climatic improvements, rain management and upgrading the quality of the stay. Furthermore, technical support is offered to the municipalities for the identification and further development of sustainability potentials and is supplemented by a continuous exchange of information via online meetings and training courses on possible courses of action. An important new approach is the investigation of potentials for multifunctional use of open space, traffic and storage areas, which promise considerable sustainability potentials through higher space efficiency.


Dr. Anke Valentin

(0228) 20 161-23

"Nature Department" - City of Hannover


Project "Nature Department" of the Environment Centre Hannover

The aim of the Nature Department is to increase biodiversity in the Hannover Region in the long term and to raise awareness of it among the population. To this end, nature-oriented business premises are designed in a way that does not interfere with the company's operations. The awareness of the company's staff will be increased during the redesign through information events & workshops. A nationwide network is being formed to promote a joint approach to the area of nature-oriented design.


The topic of insect-friendly business premises is to be implemented in local government. This strategy can be transferred from the model region to other municipalities. To this end, close cooperation is being established with the respective agencies.
Within the project period, 42 business premises in the Hannover Region will be redesigned. The companies will receive support from: Accompaniment during the reorganisation, advice and subsidies. Insect-friendly lighting also plays an important role.
The awareness of the employees on the subject of biodiversity will be increased through information events and workshops.
A nationwide network is being formed to exchange experiences between stakeholders and to promote a joint approach. Training courses are offered for local authorities, potential advice centres and horticultural businesses.
The project is funded by the Federal Biological Diversity Programme of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and co-financed by Region Hannover.

Experience with the LIFE BooGI-BOP project

Since the beginning of the project, there has been a lively exchange of ideas, whereby Field Office Nature has been able to benefit from the experience of the project participants from LIFE BooGI-BOP. Therefore, especially the network in the field of nature-oriented sites is jointly promoted and corresponding events are jointly organised.  


Noreen Hiery

Hausmannstr. 9-10, Hannover, Germany

0511 – 16403 13

"BusinessNature" - City of Hamburg

Project " BusinessNature"

In 2014, the Chamber of Commerce together with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany (NABU) / Hamburg State Association and the Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture launched the initiative "UnternehmensNatur Hamburg". the project will support Hamburg companies in the nature-oriented design of their business premises. In this way the companies can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and position themselves as sustainable and nature-conscious companies.


The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the first point of contact for interested companies. NABU's experts provide interested companies with an overview of the concrete possibilities of nature-oriented design in a personal, free initial consultation. The Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture also provides information on the legal framework for nature conservation. The project "UnternehmenNatur" has also been included as an activity in "Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020". "Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020" is a long-term dialogue and action platform designed to contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity. It provides a joint forum for actors from business and nature conservation to contribute and bring together their perspectives and to stimulate and make them visible in an exemplary manner.


Svenja Gelpke

Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

040- 361 38-4805

"Places of biological diversity" - City of Bremen


Campaign "Places of biological diversity"

Environmental Company Office c/o RKW Bremen GmbH

In 2012, the Senator for Environment, Construction and Transportation of Bremen and the business network 'Partnership Environment - Business' started the campaign 'Places of Biological Diversity'. Within the framework of the campaign, companies in Bremen and Bremerhaven can obtain advice from the BUND Bremen regional association on the measures and means with which they can promote biodiversity on their business premises.


In cooperation with BUND, the office advises its companies on which measures and means can be used to promote biodiversity. Therefore we visit and inspect your company's location with you. Together we will then develop the individually suitable approach for your company premises. Why we do this? Commitment to greater biodiversity pays off not only for the animal and plant world, but also for your company: A green façade or green roof reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. In addition, flower beds or a garden pond contribute to a pleasant working environment and greater well-being for the employees. Roof greening, lawn grid stones, a fruit tree or simply a nesting place, the possibilities of designing a company site in a natural way are manifold and urgently needed in view of the increasing sealing.


Torsten Stadler

Martinistr. 68, 28195 Bremen, Germany

0421 323464 22


"Green in the city" - City of Munich


"Green in the City" - Support Programme of the Municipality of Munich

In order to motivate Munich's citizens to do something for more green in their city on their own sites or on business premises, the City of Munich supports this commitment with the support programme launched back in 1977. Since then, the city has regularly continued the program, which focuses primarily on residential areas with dense development and few green spaces.

The City of Munich grants subsidies to owners for the redesign of inner courtyards and front gardens, for the greening of roofs and facades, for the unsealing of areas and for nature-oriented greening of business premises.


  • Improve the quality of the immediate living environment - with courtyard greenery.
  • Noticeably improve the microclimate - with green roofs.
  • Make the urban quarter more attractive - with green walls.
  • Save money and relieve the urban sewer system - with unsealed surfaces.
  • Green instead of grey, Green spaces on business premises.

You can submit an application for greening subsidies if the property comprises more than three residential units or a commercial area and greening is a voluntary measure. Please get in touch before construction begins:

Building department horticulture
Phone 089/233-603 66 or


Cornelia Leupold

Friedenstraße 40, 81660 München, Germany

089 / 233 60366


"Blooming Nature Park" - Southern Black Forest


Campaign " Blooming Nature Park" of the Nature Park Southern Black Forest

With 394,000 hectares, the Southern Black Forest Nature Park is the largest nature park in Germany. The nature-oriented and sustainable preservation, care and development of the cultural and recreational landscape is promoted, i.e. ecology, economy and social conditions are to be brought into harmony. Proper agriculture and forestry take place and the people living, working and recreating here are explicitly involved.


Campaign Flowering Nature Park since 2012 with the aim of developing open spaces close to nature, especially with regard to insect protection. Target group: municipalities, beekeeper associations and other nature conservation groups, agriculture, garden owners, companies.
Activities:Provision of information, sensitisation (through information events, practical seminars, citizens' meetings, press campaigns, guided tours, leaflets), usually one-off on-site consultation for planning measures, i.e. no services, rather extensive project support. Promotion of nature-oriented design generally not possible; target group companies still underrepresented, to start from autumn 2020.

Experience with the LIFE BooGI-BOP project

So far only participation in various webinars 2020, which are very valuable in helping us to design our plan to attract companies to redesign their company premises in a way that is close to nature.


Holger Wegner

Dr.-Pilet-Spur 4, 79868 Feldberg, Germany

07676 9336-15


"Creating diversity together" - City of Ladbergen


"Creating diversity together" - Initiative for the preservation and promotion of biodiversity in Ladbergen

It is a non-partisan local initiative in the municipality of Ladbergen for the preservation and promotion of biodiversity. Many small projects should add up in their effect. It is based on cooperation with the community, political parties, churches, associations, environmental organisations, companies and citizens. In the long term, the aim is to implement a binding and sustainable green/biodiversity concept, with the aim of creating a green, species-rich infrastructure. 


  • Elaboration and presentation of a preliminary biodiversity concept (community, parties);
  • Planting of perennial flowering meadows in cooperation with the biological station Tecklenburg;
  • Implementation of planting proposals on municipal areas (traffic islands, tree discs, roadside greenery);
  • Implementation of tree disc project with local residents;
  • reintroduction of "sponsorships";
  • influencing the community to support projects financially;
  • detailed advice for a company (annual or perennial flowering meadows, wild shrubs hedges, fence fences, creation of wild shrub beds with planting plan);
  • Communicating our concerns through local newspapers;
  • initiating a section on nature-oriented design on the homepage of our community;
  • Development of flyers with concrete planting suggestions for interested citizens (in planning), especially those willing to build;

Experience with the LIFE BooGI-BOP project

I became aware of the project during research for a preliminary biodiversity concept for the community of Ladbergen and at a climate forum in Lengerich - I then met M. Knüver while participating in a first meeting at the company GARANT in Lengerich  . The initiative benefited greatly from his presentation of the project in detail and subsequent email contacts on technical issues. The publication of an interview with him in the Wirtschaftsspiegel encouraged interest in our concern among the board of directors of the company.  


Silke Groenewold, Sandra Blumenthal-Balsbering, Dr.Wolfgang Hungerberg 

Tannenweg 14, 49549 Ladbergen, Germany




Here you will soon find companies that are working to preserve biodiversity on business premises:


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