Československá obchodní banka

Praha, Czech Republic


"Sustainability and ecology are part of everything we do at ČSOB. We also project our ecological thinking into our sustainable buildings and banking and insurance products. We support a paperless approach, the electromobility of employees, LED lights and we use renewable energy sources. In environmental protection, we do so much more than what is considered standard."

- Petr Knapp, Board member 

"Sustainable business and environmental protection cover all aspects of our activities, so it is logical that even the buildings in which we work meet the highest global environmental standards. This can be clearly seen at our unique headquarters in Prague, which has become a reference and inspiration for all newly emerging ecological buildings.”

- Zora Křičková, Executive Director of ČSOB's Facilities Management


ČSOB is a financial group that provides clients with a wide portfolio of services and products. It offers services to all client segments, i.e. individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate and institutional clients. ČSOB is a 100 % subsidiary of KBC Bank NV based in Brussels, Belgium.

Description of measures

The ČSOB Campus consists of two connected buildings. The older building, completed in 2007, has long been considered one of the “greenest” buildings in the country. The new building called SHQ, completed in 2019, continues to exceed its standards. It is naturally set in the surrounding environment - its concept copies the relief of the slope and, thanks to 6 roof gardens and a terrace, blends in with the surroundings.

The roof of the older NHQ building (4,500 m2) and its terraces are mostly green. The selection of plants was made so that the greenery harmonized with the surrounding environment and created protective mimicry for the building. Each part of the garden has a different character depending on the plants used. Larger species of trees grow here, such as field maple, birch or sessile oak, and we can also find flowering meadows and ornamental grasses here.

The roofs of the new SHQ building (10,000 m2) are largely intensive green roofs and, to a lesser extent, are also used extensively. There are 345 trees planted here, among which there are many native species, such as birch, field maple, pedunculate oak, hornbeam, hawthorn, rowan, European bladdernut and mahaleb cherry. There are also more than 3,300 shrubs of several native species, e.g. rosehip, blackthorn, European ivy, common privet, guelder rose and more.

Rainwater from the roofs is stored in tanks with a total volume of more than 930 m3 and is used to irrigate intensive green roofs and greenery around buildings. The large proportion of green areas around the buildings allows natural infiltration of water into the soil. The NHQ building according to the international certification of economical and sustainable buildings LEED Gold saves 13.9% of drinking water and the newer SHQ building according to the LEED Platinum certification saves up to 47% of drinking water.

SHQ heating and cooling is provided by a system of heat pumps and 177 geothermal wells with a total length of more than 26 km. Local vegetation also helps to reduce the temperature in and around buildings. Green roofs serve as a natural thermoregulation of buildings. In addition, the complex works with natural air ventilation. Both buildings of the complex are equipped with an automatic air conditioning system, which opens the windows at night, when the air is most cooled.

Plants on the roofs and around buildings provide a suitable environment for insects, birds, but also fungi and native plant species. Vegetation also creates a pleasant environment for employees.

Positive results of measures

One of the roof terraces is equipped with outdoor sports equipment (workout playground), including a 150 m long sports track and a streetball court. The green spaces of the ČSOB Campus provide employees with plenty of space for relaxation and meetings.

Motivation and goals

ČSOB's headquarters with a working space for 5,000 employees symbolizes everything that characterizes a modern employer today – innovation, a flexible working environment and a responsible approach to society with an emphasis on sustainability and ecology.

Characteristics of the area

ČSOB Kampus is located in the Radlice district, one of the city districts of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. There are several interesting natural sites in the area, for example: the Prokopské and Dalejské údolí nature park, the Ctirad natural monument and the Prokopské údolí nature reserve.

Maintenance concept and costs

Maintenance corresponds to the scope and complexity of the buildings. Maintenance costs are reduced, for example, by using of rainwater for irrigation and heat accumulation from geothermal wells.


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