Kainz Garden

Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany



My motivation for the redesign was on the one hand the creation of an alternative concept to the conventional way of designing a garden. On the other hand, I like to sit outside in the evening after work with a glass of wine to enjoy the liveliness around me. - Gerd Kainz 

Implemented measures

In general, the property serves as a residential and business site with an integrated show and vegetable garden. The redesign began with the demolition of the concrete garages and the unsealing of the tarred area. Subsequently, a stone wall was built for slope stabilization.

The new shed (with storage for tools and equipment) was built entirely of wood. The shrub planting in the show garden area was laid out as a mounded border. The meadow behind it is a wildflower meadow with a seeding of heat-tolerant plants. The border strip at the storehouse was planted with high-stem rock pear trees and sown as an annual meadow. The yearly change of the seeding serves the costumer appeal.

The storage for natural stones and plants is covered with drainage paving. The access road to the storage is paved with natural stones, which came to light during the construction work, and recycled natural paving stones. A hornbeam hedge was planted for protection.

The resting and recreational area for residents and staff members is in the rear part of the property, with raised beds and seats. The paths and terrace are laid out as gravel areas and are slowly being colonized by various herbaceous plants. This area is framed on one side by the stone wall and on the other side by a stack of wood, which creates a homely structure. Two pollarded willows were planted here and the rest is sown as meadow.   


Positive effects:

  • Refuge for animals and plants
  • Feedback from customers
  • Conversations at the garden fence
  • Positive response from employees
  • Growing interest from young families

Maintenance concept

  • Mowing of the flowering areas once a year
  • Maintenance of the perennial areas twice a year
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs only if they interfere with operational processes (work and traffic safety)
  • Wild growth is allowed in pavement cracks and removed only from frequently used areas
  • Meadow and perennial areas are not pruned in the fall
  • Organic fertilizer applied only in the vegetable garden (raised beds), otherwise no fertilizer application


Costs of the design and maintenance

  • Preparation of the property, creation of the stone wall and gravel areas approx. 20.000 €
  • Planting and sowing approx. 1.500 €
  • Costs for maintenance measures are unknown, as they are self-directed


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