IRS Systementwicklung GmbH

Brennberg, Germany


"The goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere for the employees."


The company develops, builds and programs computer-controlled measuring and testing systems for industrial customers.

Description of measures

During the construction measures care was taken to preserve the existing tree population. Boulders that emerged during the earthworks were worked into the remaining area and supplemented with native plants for small creatures and birds. The care of the lawns and meadows has now been changed to species-friendly mowing with a beam mower.


Positive results of measures

Different species of birds can be observed on the company premises all year round. Rare species of butterflies can now be found on the flower meadows. Lizards use the stone walls and erratic blocks as shelter and for sunbathing. Some employees take advantage of the nature-oriented company grounds for walks during their lunch break. Hobby photographers have already taken very interesting pictures of birds and lizards.

Motivation and goals

I think the combination of technology inside the building and nature outside is very attractive, stimulating and motivating to work with us.

Maintenance concept

Mowing the meadows once or twice. The rest of the lawns are mowed from time to time. Cutting back the bushes once or twice a year.

Costs for design and maintenance

The total investment sum is difficult to name, as new construction phases have been added over the years. The order of magnitude was about 10% of the construction costs. However, the maintenance effort is very low.

Benefits of BooGI-BOP project

Before the start of the project, we were already a model company for Germany in a project of the Federal Ministry for the Environment. BooGI-BOP brought further impulses for biodiversity-friendly green care. In the course of a currently ongoing expansion of the company in another industrial park, the biodiversity criteria are being applied: As is already the case at the headquarters, needs-oriented aspects are provided for employees in the design of the open spaces to ensure a high quality of stay.


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