Marl, Germany

"Nature stimulates relaxation and creativity - it's great when the workplace provides these impulses!"

–Pia Gröning


Dog school and seminar centre


Description of measures

There were...
... two trees planted;
... two raised beds have been planted;
... Sitting arrangements installed;
... Many nesting boxes and feeding/drinking places for birds installed;
... flowering meadows sown along the fences.

Positive results of measures

Yes there are several species that can be observed on the site.
The employees use the seats for their lunch break.
The flowers are often positively mentioned by visitors and passers-by.

Motivation and goals

There was a desire to participate in environmental protection, as well as to create a more pleasant atmosphere at the workplace.

Characteristics of the area

The Haard is located in the direct surrounding.

Maintenance concept

if necessary cutbacks
2 - 3 employees are involved in the care




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