Publications of LIFE BooGI-BOP

Bird strike: facts and solutions

This fact sheet provides a general overview of the bird strike problem. How large are the numbers, why is the problem often underestimated, what increases the risk of bird strikes and what solutions, products are available. In addition, the fact sheet contains the YouTube links to the presentations of the online event "Bird strike, what can companies do?".



Project flyer BooGI-BOP

The flyer gives an overview of the advantages of biodiversity-oriented design on business premises and shows how interested organisations can get involved in the BooGI-BOP project.



Biodiversity-Oriented Premises: What we offer to companies

The LIFE BooGI-BOP project offers companies various opportunities to get involved in biodiversity-oriented design: from initial guidance to training for facility managers or exchange within the European network.



Developing Biodiversity in business areas

The Discussion paper sets out the opportunities and challenges for an improved integration of biodiversity, climate change adaptation measures and social well-being in the planning and construction of buildings and facilities, and serves as a basis for discussions with different stakeholders.



Developing Biodiversity in business areas - Time to act!

The brochure offers recommendations for taking action in terms of social wellbeing, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity in commercial and industrial areas.



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