Rimbach, Germany


"There is no planet B and everyone must do their part to protect and improve the environment. Creating and preserving habitats for native animals and plants is one of the most important issues for the future."
– Ruben de Graaf, CEO

Implemented measures

Various biodiversity-oriented measures have been gradually implemented on the company premises of SPIR STAR® AG. Especially the previously conventionally designed green spaces are now bustling with life again in form of wild bees, butterflies, lizards and birds. Together with the staff members, wild perennial plants and shrub hedges were planted, as well as flower bulbs and a dead wood hedge. Further measures included the planting of a meadow orchard with tree species that are typical of the region, the creation of sand beds, rock piles and deadwood structures throughout the site, and the construction of three small weirs in a seepage ditch as a valuable habitat for amphibians and dragonflies. The mowing machine was left aside and replaced by sheep, which take care of the large grassy areas.


Positive effects

Already during the planting of the wild perennials, many insects appeared on the biodiversity-oriented green spaces. In particular, bumblebees and other wild bee species such as the violet carpenter bee are happy to accept the new food supply. This also attracts other species like dragonflies, lizards and birds. The employees appreciate the new design of the area and use their lunch breaks to watch the wildlife around and pet the sheep. The positive feedback and recognition come not only from visitors, customers and the general public, but also through awards such as the Environmental Award assigned by the local district in 2021 and the silver award received in 2022 for the “Thousands of gardens – Thousands of species” project („Tausende Gärten – Tausende Arten“).


Maintenance concept and costs of the design, planning and maintenance

The maintenance is carried out by a regional gardening and landscaping company, which was previously introduced to the correct maintenance of the biodiversity oriented areas by the Heinz Sielmann Foundation and the garden planner. The maintenance is complemented with extensive sheep grazing, and a team of around 5 employees is responsible for smaller tasks on-site.


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