Steinhake Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau

Osnabrück, Germany


"Many companies in the gardening and landscaping sector present various pavements and gravel gardens with natural stones from all over the world on their company premises. We deliberately avoid this kind of material exhibition. We would rather give nature the space it urgently needs."


Steinhake is one of the leading companies in landscaping for the Osnabrück, Münster, Bielefeld, Grafschaft Bentheim and Emsland area. In the field of landscaping, Steinhake undertakes large and small projects for municipal and commercial facilities, sports facilities and playgrounds, as well as the construction of private gardens.

Description of measures

All buildings are covered with extensive green roofs. The customer and employee parking spaces are openly designed so that rainwater can seep away on site and does not have to be drained. Trees have been planted in front of the office building and the customer car park to provide shade in summer. Free-growing hedges of mainly evergreen native shrubs and bushes are used as a natural separation between the visitor area and the materials store. These are intended to provide protection for birds and other animals even in winter. Two ponds have been created on the grounds. All lawns will not be mowed where possible. The latest transformation is the creation of a meadow orchard in combination with a generous flowering strip.



Positive results of measures

A large number of different bird species can be observed on the company premises all year round. The extensive meadow areas are regularly visited by field rabbits and flown over by countless insects. We were also able to observe the pigeon's tail, which was unknown to us until then. During the hot summer days hundreds of bees sit at the edge of our pond, which is inhabited by numerous frogs. New visitors welcome us regularly with the words "You have it so nice here!"

Motivation and goals

Especially we as a company in the gardening and landscaping sector see during our daily work how many outdoor areas are heavily sealed. Rainwater is often completely drained off into the canal and the planting of often only a few different species provides hardly any food for insects or habitat for other animals. We are convinced that every company site has the potential to make a contribution against the decline of biodiversity.



Maintenance concept

Just some time ago, all lawns were mowed every 14 days. Since the conversion to extensive meadows, this regular maintenance is no longer necessary. Only one mowing in autumn is still necessary. Bedding areas are only partially cleared of wild herbs. Many areas should develop naturally. Even the hedges, which are now growing freely, are no longer regularly kept in shape, but are only trimmed if they grow too much over the path areas.



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