Volkswagen Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia


"One of the fundamental principles of our company is sustainability. Our 2025 sustainability goal is to reduce the burden on the environment by 45 % and move towards carbon neutrality. However, our long-term ambition is to be active also behind the gates of our production halls. We therefore decided to support biodiversity in the premises, which cover an area of more than 2 km2."

-Ms. Michaela Hletková Ploszeková, Head of Environmental Department-


Volkswagen Slovakia (VW SK) has produced more than 6 million vehicles since 1991. It is a pillar of Slovak exports and at the same time one of the largest private employers in the country. VW SK, together with its employees, is the largest contributor to public budgets. The company has invested more than 4.5 billion € in Slovakia since its inception. In addition to vehicles, it produces gearboxes, components for gearboxes and chassis, as well as equipment used in the manufacture of vehicles.

Description of measures

The company contributes to protection of biological diversity, for example, by sowing meadow flowers, which replace the lawns. At the plant in Devínská Nová Ves, a mixture of 89 meadow herbs was sown in a meadow with an area of approximately seven acres and a 25-acre meadow with 91 plant species was established at the nearby VW SK wastewater treatment plant. In the premises, more than 1,820 deciduous and coniferous trees were planted and there are plans to plant more. During the volunteer activities, insect hotels were made and installed directly on the plant premises and many species of insects have found refuge in them. In the created pond, fish, amphibians and aquatic insects live and the pond is also a source of water for birds. This pleasant rest zone has already been discovered by a stork, which regularly returns to the premises. On the facade of one of the buildings several artificial nests for house martins were installed.

Positive results of measures

Rabbits visit the off-road track. Fish, amphibians and aquatic insects live in the pond, and bird species use it as a water feeder. The stork returns to the area regularly. Meadow areas are complemented by dozens of meadow species of herbs.

Motivation and goals

Environmental protection is one of the priorities of Volkswagen Slovakia. The company proactively supports the diversity of plant and animal species in its premises.

Characteristics of the area

The whole area lies in the Pannonian biogeographical region. The dominant feature of the area is the Devínská Kobyla massif, the southernmost outcrop of the Malé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area. The National Nature Reserve  Devínska Kobyla is located here. Another valuable area in the surrounding is the flooded floodplain of the Morava River: Protected Area Devínske alúvium Moravy.

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