WALA Heilmittel GmbH

Bad Boll, Germany


"Diversity is wealth. A colourful meadow instead of a monotonous lawn can be delightful.
That is why our company premises offer different habitats for plants and animals. We cordially invite you to visit these places and to discover biological diversity. What belongs next to the colourful flower meadow? For example habitats in and around ponds, different tree species
or deadwood and piles of stones."


From nature for mankind - this has been the guiding principle of WALA Heilmittel GmbH since it was founded in 1935, producing products that promote health. Our medicines and cosmetic products are based on carefully selected natural substances. Wherever possible they come from organic farming and fair trade.

Description of measures

Biodiverse design of the area around the newly built laboratory: species-rich grassland, lizard habitats preserved and newly created, old tree population (solitary pear trees, wild mirabelle, pond.

38.3 % of the roof areas of the WALA buildings are extensively planted with greenery. Over the years areas have been created here for thermophilic plants which provide a livelihood for potential fellow players. Thus sealed areas have not only been levelled out but also ecologically upgraded. In addition, facade greenery complements the concept.

Typical woodland formations on the site itself and along the Teufelsklingenbach stream were added to the existing vegetation. The management is based on the Demeter standard, and is partly certified.

Traffic areas are only fully sealed where necessary. The parking areas are constructed with grass grid stones to allow infiltration. Necessary parking lot lighting is designed to be insect-friendly.


Positive results of measures

The site and the biodiversity trail is open to the public at all times and can be explored independently and used for recreation.
With the existing offers of guided tours through the medicinal herb garden, we also inform about the applied ecological cultivation methods and the rich treasure of biological diversity there. With the parcour we have now even more possibilities to inspire visitors of all kinds for the biological diversity.
In 2018 we had about 400, in 2019 about 290 enthusiastic visitors.

Through species monitoring we compare the species-rich grassland with the species richness of a comparative meadow.
In our garden there is a healthy diversity that has grown and remained stable over almost 7 decades. In addition to the cultivated plant species, countless other species grow there that are not subject to any use and enrich the garden biodivers.

Motivation and goals

Biological diversity has been an important issue for WALA Heilmittel GmbH from the very beginning, in line with our guiding principle 'From nature for mankind'.
This concern is most evident in the WALA medicinal herb garden, which was established in the late 1950s and has been biodynamically managed ever since. In addition to the medicinal herb garden, the areas under cultivation include other areas in the surrounding region with a total of 4.7 hectares.


Characteristics of the area

Very different starting situations with the different properties. Medicinal plant garden biodynamically cultivated since the 50s. Plot of the Biodiversity Path before the measure intensively used grassland. Existing structures, such as old tree population or lizard habitat were preserved and integrated.

Plots of land are located in the foothills of the Swabian Alb. This region forms the largest belt of orchard meadows in Europe.


Maintenance concept

The species-rich grassland is mowed 1 to 2 times according to a mowing concept, the aim is to always have flowering areas.

Maintenance is done by our own garden team. Depending on the effort, 2 to 3 employees are temporarily on duty.


Costs for design and maintenance

In principle no additional costs compared to comparable areas. Possibly even cost reduction due to less mowing.


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